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  • 8215 HOG ORCH 24:48

Above you can hear the MIDI version of the recently orchestrated version of Hands of God.  Parts are available for purchase. 

To view the original version of Hands of God for Choir, Descant, Piano/Organ and optional Flute or Trumpet click here.  

The second version (MAM-117) has 2 measures added to the original and there are 3 or so changes in the voice parts. 

Hands of God is an anthem that is appropriate for many Lutheran Festivals, Hymn Festivals, and especially Reformation Sunday.  It does not get more Lutheran than this!

This anthem was written in honor of the ELCA's 25th Anniversary as a denomination and is dedicated to Wm. Chris Boerger, former Bishop of the NW Washington Synod, former member of my congregation, and now the ELCA Church-wide Secretary. 

I used the melodic pitches from A Mighty Fortress as a tone row to create the melody yet it sounds nothing like AMF until the hymn is sung later in the piece. The Verse and Chorus are singable, memorable, and the accompaniment is exciting and very doable. It can be learned in 1 or 2 rehearsals. 

The orchestrated version was created for the September 12, 2015 Installation of Timothy Smith as Bishop of North Carolina's ELCA Synod held at Christ Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC, under the direction of Mark Glaeser.  

   Hands of God

        for SATB and Orchestra    MAM-117

The Original Score:  Click on score to view.

  Michael Austin Miller

Writer, Composer, Conductor, Church Musician, Educator