Michael Austin Miller

Writer, Composer, Conductor, Church Musician, Educator

I am excited to share that my book, Homespun Humor and Half-true Tales, is available on Amazon.com.

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Homespun Humor and Half-true Tales is a collection of humorous fictional short stories based around a fictional town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains; a town named Snow Valley.

These stories are told from the perspective of a young man who returned to his hometown after college with fresh eyes to see that normal everyday life in Snow Valley is anything but normal.  With a deep love for his town and its people, he has become Snow Valley’s self-appointed historian, and he loves sharing stories about the town’s interesting past.

Like many small towns, Snow Valley has its own myths, folklore, and tales of heroic legends, quirky characters, and unique traditions.  

Often, these tales center around things that aren’t really funny at all - death, anger, struggle, strife, or lost hope.  Sometimes they involve untalented talent show participants, bad singing, mistakes at the dentist office, dates from hell, church services from hell, or an occasional peg leg flying off into an enthusiastic and unsuspecting audience, but there’s always a “but.”  In these tales, there is always a time of reconciliation, restoration, and maybe even a miraculous resurrection.  

Actually, no…there’ll be no resurrections in this book - just a close call.

Just a few words to those visiting Snow Valley for the first time: take some time to enjoy a few of the many town events, parades, and celebrations.  You can get just about everything you might need - including lingerie - at Tabby’s Grocery Store, and don’t tell Miss Hilda any secrets you don’t want everyone in town to know!

Welcome home to Snow Valley!

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