Michael Austin Miller

Writer, Composer, Conductor, Church Musician, Educator

Instrumental Engraving


  I strive to create clear, easily understood notation free from errors and worthy of publication. 

  You will be given a completion date with the hopes that your project will be completed before that

  date.  If your music is late for any reason on my end, your cost will be reduced $5.00 per day.  All  

  files are created using Sibelius.  Upon completion, your engraved score and parts will be sent back

  to you as a PDF, a Sib. file, or printed (1 copy per part).

  •  Band and Orchestral Music   $0.10 per individual measure.

          100 measures with 15 Instruments is 1500 measures @ $0.10 per measure = $150.00

  • Piano Music   $1.00 per full measure (Treble and Bass Clefs combined).

          100 measures @ $1.00 per full measure = $100.00


  Editing your engraving

  After your music has been set, you have 7 days to correct any errors or to make changes.  Correcting engraving

  errors on my end will cost you nothing.  Your fee includes one free edit for corrections and/or small changes and

  adjustments. After that, small changes to your original material will be billed at $25.  For changes beyond editing;  

  adding more measures or significant changes to your work, you will be charged $.50 per measure with a minimum

  fee of $50.00