I was commissioned to compose this work for the Olympic Girls' Choir and the Bainbridge Island Youth Symphony Orchestra for their May 6, 2018 collaborative performance. 


Hear the words
of this song
that we sing for you.
It’s a song from our hearts.
It’s a message of truth.
It’s an anthem of joy.
It’s a loving prayer for peace.
It’s our hope for our world today.

Let us all make music.
Let us play and sing.
For between the notes and rhythms
is love, and joy, and peace.

Our melody can become a movement.
It’s a song that should never end.
For we are totally at peace
making music with our friends.

Our message may spread far and wide,
or the world might never hear our song.
Still, we will stand in peace together,
and perform it loud and strong.

For we know the power of music:
we can change the world one note at a time;
Whether played on our instruments,
or sung in clever rhyme.

We know the power of music.
That’s why we sing this song to you.

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  Let Us All Make Music

       for 2-part Treble Choir with optional descant & String Orchestra or


  Michael Austin Miller

Writer, Composer, Conductor, Church Musician, Educator