Michael Austin Miller

Church Musician, Conductor, Composer, Arranger, Educator

2017 Upcoming Events

  Seattle Sings:  October 12-14

    Bainbridge Chorale will perform at 2:40.

        Seattle First Baptist Church

        Also, reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble

        will perform at 6:40 and will feature my piece,

       Virga Jesse Floruit

  Bainbridge Chorale Christmas Concerts
      Saturday, December 9, 3:00 PM
      Saturday, December 9, 7:00 PM
      Sunday, December 10, 3:00 PM
          Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church
          Bainbridge Island, WA

  Messiah Sing-Along

     Sponsored by The Bainbridge Chorale: 
     Friday, December  29, 7 PM   
     Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church        

     Bainbridge Island, WA

2018 Upcoming Events

  Bainbridge Chorale Spring Concerts
      Saturday, April 21, 7:00 PM
      Sunday, April 22, 3:00 PM
          Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church
          Bainbridge Island, WA

Click HERE to see my Reformation anthem

Hands of God

written for in honor of the

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

Copyright 2015. Michael Austin Miller. All rights reserved.


  Oxford University Press

   will publish

   one of my latest Works: 

  Virga Jesse Floruit

     for SATB (Div.) a cappella

     Click HERE to see the score and hear a recording.

   Scheduled for release by Oxford University Press in the Fall of 2018. 

   To pre-order, click HERE to visit their website.