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Based just outside of Seattle, Washington, I am a creator of Music and Story.

Composer and Arranger:   I usually write for choirs, but I’ve also

     written for piano, solo voices, solo instruments, bands,

     and orchestras.

Conductor:  I enjoy conducting choirs of all ages and abilities. 

     I have been the Artistic Director for the Bainbridge Chorale 

      since 2010.

Church Musician:  I play the piano, conduct the choir and

     worship teams at Christ the King Lutheran Church,

     Snohomish, WA.  Much of the music I compose and arrange is

     created for these ensembles.

Teacher:  I have taught music to all ages. 

     I currently teach at Everett Community College.

Storyteller:  Everything I do involves telling stories.  Often they

     are humorous.  There is a moral to almost all of my stories.

Writer:  I’ve written and self-published two books;

     Can I Tell You a Story  and Homespun Humor and Half-True

     Tales; Snow Valley available on 

     I am also and interviewer and Editor for the book, 

     Continuing the Quest: Interviews with Outstanding

     Choral Conductors, also available on Amazon. 

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